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This website provides a framework for participants to perform an authentic task with real-world relevance. It is ill-defined and participants will identify multiple ways of creating a unit of work that could be implemented in the classroom based upon their selected teaching area, year level, learning pedagogies, support resources and technologies. Identifying suitable teaching and learning methods, writing lesson plans and learning objectives, and developing appropriate support resources for their unit of work will require some thought, effort, time and access to computers with internet connections. 

To conform with university assessment guidelines the overall learning task has been divided into two individual tasks. Detailed feedback should be given to students about their performance and how they can improve on aspects covered in task one and two.

Both tasks are designed to be completed individually, however, there are opportunities for students to network and share their thoughts and ideas with their peers via the forums and Skype chat. Students should be encouraged to immerse themselves in the learning context and use their imagination to create interactive and engaging learning experiences that could be used in their future classrooms and by other teachers.

Most of the content, supports and resources for this course are accessible from this website which is open to the public (an open access environment). Participant enrolments, profiles, assessment details, results and other confidential information are located on the learning management system (Blackboard LMS a closed environment).  

Please contact me if you have any suggestions for improving this website or if you have an authentic learning task that you would like to share. 

The attached documents show how the unit learning objectives were analysed to identify a real-life workplace context to create an appropriate learning scenario for an academic setting and how the unit tasks and assessments were designed. 

ICT_2011_Analysis.pdf ICT_2011_Analysis.pdf
Size : 583.983 Kb
Type : pdf
ICT_2011_Design_UILG.pdf ICT_2011_Design_UILG.pdf
Size : 391.734 Kb
Type : pdf

Link to ICT AD Overview video on Youtube.co that describes how this unit was analysed and designed. 

ICT_2011_Design_Task_Evaluation.pdf ICT_2011_Design_Task_Evaluation.pdf
Size : 29.536 Kb
Type : pdf
ICT_2011_Develop_Environment_Evaluation.pdf ICT_2011_Develop_Environment_Evaluation.pdf
Size : 41.446 Kb
Type : pdf
ICT_2011_Modifications.pdf ICT_2011_Modifications.pdf
Size : 149.914 Kb
Type : pdf

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