ICT in the Classroom

Task 2 - ICT Trends and Issues Presentation

Research what ICT other teachers are using in your area of teaching, create a 10 minute slideshow, and deliver it as a virtual online video presentation. Immerse yourself in the context and imagine you are delivering your presentation live to your colleagues at a teaching forum.


  1. Research the latest trends and issues for using ICT in your teaching area. Use at least one of each of the following resources to research your topic:
    • Article - Use the library’s databases, such as ERIC, to find an education journal article, dated 2005 or later, on the topic you’ve chosen.
    • Website - Use a search engine such as Google to find a website relevant to the topic you’ve chosen.
    • Podcast - Find a podcast relevant to the topic you’ve chosen.
    • Video - Find an online video relevant to the topic you've chosen.
  2. Prepare a 10 minute PowerPoint or Keynote slideshow. Ensure you include the following:
    • Names - Ensure you clearly introduce the topic of your presentation and yourself.
    • Images & links - Include a screen capture of each of the four (4) resources you located and include URL hyperlinks.
    • Content - Summarise the main points and strengths and weakenesses of each of the resource you find. Discuss some of the implications for integrating these ICT in your teaching area and include specific examples to illustrate how ICT could be used to change your current teaching practice.
    • Notes - Use the notes field (in the PowerPoint or Keynote software) to explain each slide in more detail.
    • Copyright - Abide by copyright laws and acknowledge all third party resources and infrmation using in-text citations.
    • References - Include a final slide listing all your references (APA 6th syle) so that your colleagues can follow up your sources.
  3. Deliver your slideshow as a virtual presentation by publishing it as an online video that includes narration and video footage of yourself. Ensure YOU are included in the video and that your narration explains your slides in greater detail. DO NOT simply read the information on your slides word for word. Create your video using one of the following and publish it online:
  4. Add a slideshow page to your website, attach your PowerPoint or Keynote file and embed a copy of your video presentation (or a hyperlink to your presentation).
  5. Submit the assignment 2 coversheet_marking guide to MyUnits.

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