ICT in the Classroom

Task 2 Resources & Tutorials 

We encourage you to add the resources you find to the EDN205 Diigo group. Together we can build a vast library of resources that you can draw on for your future teaching activities.


APA or Chicago style is appropriate for this unit. Ensure you reference all resources used in your presentations.

Murdoch Libguides

Murdoch Information sheets

Join the EDN205 Diigo group
Presentation_Design_Guidelines.pdf Presentation_Design_Guidelines.pdf
Size : 53.961 Kb
Type : pdf
PPoint2007_Create_Steps.pdf PPoint2007_Create_Steps.pdf
Size : 374.86 Kb
Type : pdf
PPoint2003_Present_Tips.pdf PPoint2003_Present_Tips.pdf
Size : 40.775 Kb
Type : pdf

Video preparation & delivery 

Video Tutorial

Help Tutorials

Help files included in installation

Learning Centre

Help Center

Help Articles

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