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Some of the resources I use to create my teaching materials.

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Diigo is an online bookmarking tool.  Once you have downloaded Diigo and installed the Diigo toolbar it is very easy to add bookmarks that you can then access from any computer connected to the Internet. Simply visit the webpage you want to save, click on the bookmark icon on the toolbar, add tags and save!

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Endnote is a fantastic tool for citing references and publishing bibliographies.  Murdoch University students can obtain a copy of Endnote from the IT Help desk in the Library at South Street or the Library at Rockingham.

Jing is a FREE screen capture and screencasting tool. Simply download JING to your computer and use it to capture certain areas of your computer screen or record your whole screen.  This is a great tool to making short "howto" videos. The maximum recording time is 5 minutes so it ensures you keep your tutorials short.

Jing image

Screencast.com is a FREE public video sharing website (like YouTube). When you create a Jing account you also need to create a Screencast.com account. The screen captures & screen casts you create with Jing can be automatically uploaded online to your  screencast site or saved as a file on your computer.

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YouTube is a public video sharing website. You can create your own video channel (e.g., TheOnlineTutors) and playlists (e.g., Weebly, Yola, Google sites, EDN205 etc) to help you manage your online videos. 

Google Docs is a fantastic tool for online collaboration. Many people can access and edit the same document at the same time. It offers much more than just documents it also includes spreadsheets, presentations, online forms and more...

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