ICT in the Classroom

Unit Overview - ICT in the Classroom

The focus of this unit is learning with information and communications technologies (ICTs). It is designed as a general elective for 2nd and 3rd year pre-service teachers interested in using ICTs in schools (K-12), post-secondary institutions such as TAFE colleges or universities, as well as training establishments. It aims to provide an introduction to the use of technologies as powerful cognitive tools for learning.

Unit Tasks - The unit is task-based, so by completing the tasks, you complete the unit. Learning activities are based on the assignment tasks supported by online tutorials and discussions. 

The assignments for this unit centre around the topic: Teaching and learning X with current and future ICTs where X might be (for example):

  • primary school reading or
  • secondary school history or
  • middle school science or
  • undergraduate nurse education or
  • early childhood creative arts or
  • any area of professional interest.

Make sure you choose a topic that is relevant to your interests in teaching and learning.

Task Context - Imagine your school is preparing to integrate ICT more fully in the classroom and you have been asked to create a website to present a unit of work to your colleagues describing how you would implement ICT in your classroom for your area of teaching.

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